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Welcome to Granger Industries, an internationally recognized leader in Plastics and Rotational Molding. Granger Industries expands and covers a number of divisions under the Granger Industries trade name. These divisions include, but are not limited to Granger Aerospace Products, Granger ISS Inground Safety Shelter, ForeverSafe™ Burial Urns & Cemetery Vases, Sandsaver™ and so much more.


Granger plastics- rotational molding


Granger Plastics is an internationally recognized leader in the Rotational Molding Industry. Granger, while being world renowned for its innovation and pioneering design, is also a staple in the rotomolding industry for its high quality production. Granger Plastics also features an in-house metals fabrications facility that allows for for in house tooling and fabrications, along with the manufacturing of fixtures and components necessary in day to day global operations. Granger Plastics specializes in the difficult, complex and large parts. Having provided a number of industry leading designs to a wide facet of industries ranging from defense, aerospace, waste management and so much more, Granger Plastics is your leading parter for your Rotational Molding needs.

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granger iss tornado & storm shelters


Granger Plastics has produced America's leading Single Family underground Storm shelter for several years now. The unique patented design continues to show Granger Industries commitment to innovation and safety. You won't find another World Class Manufacturer gaining international attention the way the Granger ISS and Granger Plastics does for its quality and innovation!

Tornado & Storm Shelters

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Granger Aerospace products


Granger Aerospace Products, a division of Granger Industries, Inc. has provided a number of industry leading aerospace and aviation solutions for a number leaders in the private and public aerospace, aviation and defense sectors. Recently, Granger Aerospace Products has begun unveiling its proprietary line of patent pending Air Cargo Containers.

Air Cargo Containers

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ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases & Urns


ForeverSafe™ Products encompass high quality, durable metallic and granite like finishes to offer a high quality cremation urn memorial for your loved one. Doubles as both a combination burial vault or a beautiful memorial, ForeverSafe™ Urns and Cemetery Vases are impervious to normal weather conditions. ForeverSafe™ linke of beautiful matching cemetery vases and cansiter sets tastefully decorate any memorial. Rest assured that your loved one is ForeverSafe™.


Cemetery Urns Vases
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